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(GRA) Encore Performance Please


We don’t want to spoil the end of the book for you, but we did realize that Marty taught us some valuable lessons that we can connect with. In the comments section below we have each posted our own take-aways from the book.

Wordle for Character Descriptions


Put it into a Cloud For Chapter 5 and 6 in our Marty McGuire GRA book, we decided to create a Wordle for both Marty and Veronica Grace. We used as many words or phrases that we could think of from the book that described our characters and ordered them by importance. We then placed […]

The Walls are Flat Now


Great Feedback Cool Cats After sharing our Voice Thread with other teachers from the Global Read Aloud Project we have have received an awesome amount of responses and compliments for our work, including: A class from British Columbia added their thoughts to our VT — check it out: Marty McGuire VT Teachers added us to […]

Marty McGuire Chapter 2 Voice Thread


We completed chapter two in our Marty McGuire book this week. At the end of the chapter, Marty’s teacher assigns her a role in the school play that Marty was not anticipating. The book has a few black and white pictures to support the text. This situation had a picture of Marty with an identifiable […]

Global Read Aloud 2013


How Cool Is This? The Cool Cats are taking part in our first Global Read Aloud. We are reading the book Marty McGuire by Kate Messner. Please follow along as we blog our learning and share our book study with students in grades 1-3 all over the world. We are using Scholastic’s digital book app, […]